Monday, 15 September 2014

Let it go!!

Thought you were mine and
possessed you for long
As if you were my creator
and I was your angel

You killed me with your words
then you evoked me with your breath
Since then, my soul followed yours
like we were one and would be forever

I discovered the world in your smile
my face reflected in your brown eyes
Believed you saw my face on the moon
every night when you missed me

The day we met and the day when
you said I am your birthday gift
By whispering those three words
you made me the luckiest girl on earth

And then when you left without a word
all I did was to wait for your arrival
Keeping me in peace with my mind
but never did you arrive

I wore the ring you liked the most and
assumed you were always with me
Every time I missed you, I pictured
you in its three white stones

Finally, when you came back you brought
the feeling you were just a stranger
Not the bosom one whom I have
always held close to my heart

Now that I realize you were never mine
I am letting you go from my mind forever
Yeah realization comes late
but better late than never!! :)

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