Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A lament in pain!!

Parted the drapes gazed outside
There was a spring when looked first
Don't know where it disappeared
Dried out, it did like it never exist

Drought it is, I calmed down
Downpour would fill it again
Wait for the pours to reach these lands
Gazed to the gods and prayed in my heart

(“You bruised my heart..”)

Heard a low mourn from nowhere
Is it the winds howling and hooting
Listened keen to hear it again
A mourn in pain it is, deep and sad

Empty room with dull d├ęcor
Hangings all looking weird
I've been here before it seems
yet it is lonely and feels so strange

(“You bruised my heart
You bruised my soul....”)

I hear the cry intense and deep
Is it the winds lament in pain
Or the lost souls weep in dark
loud it is, shrill and sharp, burning my ears

(You bruised my heart
You bruised my soul)

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